FilmCoat 360

Film coating is a common step in tablet manufacture that can be used to improve product appearance, organoleptic properties and to facilitate swallowing. Film coating usually involves a process where tablets are sprayed with a pigment-containing polymer solution while being rotated in a dry air stream. The drying air removes moisture, leaving behind tablets coated by a thin film of coloured polymer.

Functional film coats can also be used as a part of the product’s stabilisation strategy and to modify or delay drug release.

CBH provides a unique service including ingredient sourcing, formulation development and manufacturing assistance to achieve best quality finished product at best total cost. We provide tailored training courses for process operators as well as engineers and quality personnel. 

Remote Expert

CBH have developed a new technology that allows us to provide technical support remotely on a secure platform. CBH will provide 24-hour technical support remotely using AR/VR technology.

Delivering support services via Mixed Reality technologies, customers can expect to reduce manufacturing downtime and increase efficiency.

Key Benefits –

  • The handsfree system automatically detects who is speaking, leaving your personnel to concentrate on their work and the advice of the remote expert.
  • It allows the remote expert to see what your personnel see, allowing them to guide your staff in real time.
  • Screen sharing between the remote expert and your personnel.
  • Secure, private virtual meeting room.
  • Privately Share documents.
  • Compatible with Android and RealWear apps.


Through our expert network, CBH can provide tailored support for other manufacturing steps of Solid Oral Dosage forms, i.e. blending, granulation, compression and packaging.  We also support capsule filling projects.


CBH Knowledge Hub


Productivity and manufacturing issues are regularly compounded by ineffective operator training and unclear instructions. Equipment suppliers seldom get involved in day to day process development or product manufacturing, similarly, ingredient suppliers deliver materials without always having knowledge of the customers equipment capabilities. CBH aims to provide the knowledge and functional training in order to enable your personnel to operate effectively and efficiently, and to navigate any challenges that may arise. We provide full service, solution-based training to ensure our customers manufacture best quality product at best total cost.

CBH offer a complete service, addressing all challenges ranging from personnel training, optimisation of machinery and equipment and sourcing materials. We provide an unbiased, professional service while maintaining excellent working relationships with customers and suppliers.

We find that equipment suppliers do not get involved in the selection of ingredients or engage in manufacturing process development. Similarly, ingredient suppliers do not get involved in equipment selection or upgrades to optimise production. CBH offers a comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of production to reduce manufacturing downtime, eliminate quality challenges and optimise manufacturing processes.

We also provide –

    • Tailored operator training programs.
    • Manufacturing process troubleshooting.
    • Preventative maintenance programs and support.
    • On-site and remote technical support.
    • Regulatory advice.


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