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Clew Bay Horizons was established in 2010 as an independent technical and process optimisation consultancy, initially focused on oral dose manufacturing.

With offices in Louisburgh, Co. Mayo and Bexley, UK as well as a strong network of expert partners located around the world, CBH is well positioned to support local and global formulation development and manufacturing organisations to achieve their strategic goals.

Markets served include pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, vitamin supplement, animal healthcare and personal care industries. 

We provide products and services for the manufacture of all product formats including tablets, capsules, powders, liquid suspensions and creams.

With over 25 years of direct experience, we take a collaborative approach to product development and manufacturing process optimisation. Through on-site visits and mixed reality technologies, we ensure that customers maintain constant access to process manufacturing knowledge and expertise and take advantage of production improvement opportunities.

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What We DO

We offer expertise on all aspects of the process, from excipient selection to small or large-scale production optimisation, training, and research and development.

CBH is the exclusive sales and distribution partner for international manufacturing companies. We support customers by sourcing the best products to match their exact product requirements. We offer a complete range of sensory ingredients including colours, flavours, extracts and fragrances.

We offer support and advice on the selection of excipients used and equipment to match the specific demands of the product and application; as well as delivering bespoke process optimisation and training programs to achieve best possible final product quality at best total cost.

At CBH, we believe that in an ever-changing market, innovation and streamlining production is critical in maintaining a competitive edge. CBH have developed a new technology that allows us to provide technical support remotely on a secure platform. Our Smart View Remote is the newest ‘must have’ technology.

We will also provide focused training events to match customer requirements which can be delivered on site or remotely, individually or to a larger group.   

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CBH is a leading supplier of sensory ingredients and ready-to-use additives, pre-blend powders and dispersions. Our ingredients for use in tablets, capsules, powders, liquid syrup, and suspension products comply with European, US and Japanese monographs and are suitable for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.